protect your
“corporate brand value”
from "fake plagiarism products"

US・EPO world patent technology (application number:2020-103179)!
the world's first cryptomall authentication system® adopted blockchain and multisignature!
you can appraise genuine anytime, anywhere!

there are
1.2 trillion
in annual damage amount!

the theft of american intellectual property : reassessments of the challenge and united state

*the souce : IP (Intellectual Property)

The Theft Of American Intellectual Property: Reassessments Of The Challenge
And United States Policy,

we can get anything online

in nowadays, it's very popular to enjoy shopping online anytime,anywhere.
But there are many cases which we bought "fake plagiarism products" online, neverthless we think it as genuine one.

acording to the "IP" 's survey, there are 1.2 trillion USD
in annual damage amount by "fake plagiarism products" thesedays!

in other words, the profit which was originally for manufacturer and author is stolen by "fake plagiarism products".

solution 2 but don't worry.
you can get perfect solution today!

it's "cryptomall authentication system®".

1 what's the "cryptomall authentication system®”?

"cryptomall authentication system®" is callled as the system which's combined with "cryptomall authentication chip®" we develop our own technology by using blockchain and "cryptomall authentication platform®".

you can establish the authenticity of the products by using the system, and traceability transparency in distribution process too.

in addition, it 's applied for US・EPO world patent now (applycation number: 2020-103179).
you can also realize "one and only proof" in secondary distribution for the products include "cryptomall authentication system®" by it.


2 what's the "cryptomall authentication chip®”?

"cryptomall authentication chip®" is called as ic chips which incorporate directly into the products.

it's applicable for implantation, sticking, and inclusion by following various form and style.
for example, extremely small ic chips with fiber type, solid
ic chips with GPS function, and QR code and so on.

in addition, you can also realize "one and only proof" by corresponding "cryptomall authentication chip®" to multisignature.


3 what's the "cryptomall authentication platform®”?

"cryptomall authentication platform®" is called as platform for recording product's information on the own blockchain.

it's possible to record product's information, logistics information and buyer information (personal information is anonymized) by using "cryptomall authentication platform®".

in addition, you can also realize "one and only proof" by absolute information,which is impossible to tamper by recording on "cryptomall authentication platform®"!


4 what's the blockchain?

blockchain is called as the system which keeps distributed data which's impossible to be changed, deleted and tampered.

it is possible to record data safely by 3 featuers of blockchain, which is tracebility, tamper resistance and transparency.

in addition, you can also realize the permanent mangement of information due to the follorwing feature which your product's information recorded on the bockchain is impossibe to tamper with anyone.

tamper resistance

5 what's the multi-signature?

multi-signature is the technology needed for multiple secret keys for the signature of transaction.

you can't prove the fact which is "one and only" individual product without both multipul "cryptomall authentication chip®" introduced into your product and the guarantee card with "cryptomall authentication chip®" .

so it eliminate risk which allow the product partially forged and stolen products, because it is impossible to prove as genuine if even a part is missing!


merits 2 you can realize the following
if you introduce "cryptomall authentication system®"!

5 merits
the company introduced
"cryptomall authentication system®" can obtain.

  • 1 your "fake plagiarism products"
    can be eliminated 100%!
  • 2 rarefaction your following information,product,
    logistic and buyer!
    (personal information is deidentified.)
  • 3 easy appraisal by your smartphone
    24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • 4 "cryptomall authentication chip®"including GPS function can be worked as theft deterrent!
  • 5 no need at all for development cost
    toward new blockchain system!

how to introduce 2 4 steps

for introduction "cryptomall authentication system®".

step1 introduce into your products. introduce "cryptomall authentication system®" into your product .

first, introduce "cryptomall authentication system®" into your product.

we can offer you optimal "cryptomall authentication system®" for your product with using various ways like sticking to inconspicuous place, and sewing "extremely small ic chips with fiber type".


step2 issue your special guarantee card. issue the guarantee card including
"cryptomall authentication chip®".

next, we issue your special guarantee card for your company, sell following two as a set.

① your product introduced "cryptomall authentication system®".
② the guarantee card including "cryptomall authentication chip®".

we can realize highly accurate "genuine" proof by using multisig authentication which cannot be worked without both.


step3 record your product information above the block chain. record your product information on the blockchain, which is unable to counterfeit
and tampering by "cryptomall authentication platform®".

and, it is recorded on "cryptomall authentication platform®" that the information of product and transaction which is also recorded on the products and guarantee cards.

these information is unable to counterfait and tamper at all, so it makes the third person manufacture "fake plagiarism products".


step4 multisig appraisal by combining "cryptomall authentication chip" and guarantee card. multisig appraisal by combining "cryptomall authentication chip®"
introduced into the product and the guarantee cards.

last, your customer read both all which is "cryptomall authentication chip®" introduced into your product and the guarantee card, and appraise.

it can eliminate 100% your product "fake plagiarism product" by these ways.


introduction industries 5 some examples of introduction industries of "cryptomall authentication system®".

  • 高級ブランド品業界

    luxury brand

  • 自動車業界


  • 家電業界

    home appliance

  • 製薬業界


  • 食品業界


  • 半導体業界


  • 農業組合


  • 不動産業界

    real estate

  • 運送業界


  • 医療機器業界

    medical device

  • 美容関連業界


  • 出版業界


  • 漁業関連業界


  • アート関連業界

    art work

  • ペット業界


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  • 4 about contract procedure
  • 5 about contract procedure fee

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